Okay, internet. I’ve had enough of this shit and it’s everywhere, just gonna say my opinion on shitty little posts like this.

Fair enough if you don’t like Homestuck. Fair enough if you don’t want to read it, if you don’t like some of the people in the fandom, etc. Fair enough if you’ve read it and you don’t like it. I can respect that, it’s completely understandable.
But when you go around outright flaming it, it’s offensive. It upsets people. And you probably don’t give a shit because “oh well, it’s the internet, nobody cares really” or whatever, which is completely untrue. Snotty little brat posts like this is what makes me “lose so many brain cells” because the immaturity of one who feels like they need to downright hate on a fandom or a thing because they don’t like is kind of ridiculous.
What happened to stating your opinions on something maturely, without the completely useless statement like “Homestuck sucks” which just makes you seem like a dick anyway?
Another thing. If you think trolls suck -that- much, then you must have surely spent enough time to read it, right? Or are you just blindly placing some half assed opinion because you’ve read a few comments about it on Youtube?
I wouldn’t be surprised.

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T.T This made me sad…

My friend said he lost a lot brain cells from reading it but he knows it will get better T.T…




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the anthem of our blog enjoy


on that one cronus one, a while back I commented: 

abuse to the fandom
you can dislike a fandom, but dont you fucking judge others for being in it. Your art is shit, bullshit, Jesus fucking Christ, satan could shit out a better persona/human than y o u. Ive been researching the art of “Anti-Homestuck” For a goddamn while. and this upsets me to a point of disbelief. how someone could get so careless, and fucking hurt others feelings. “I HATE HOMESTUCK SO MUCH, IT’S SUPER BORING AND THE ENTIRE FANDOM IS SHIT >_<!!!!!” HAHAHA opinion! OPINION DUMBASS! and in your other anti homestuck post thing, you wrote “Hussie is a LAZY author.” Writing the same goddamn comic for FUCKING years isnt lazy, tuts. I just want you to know, youre sickening. Youre so pathetic in so many ways, that you are a WASTE OF SEMEN. Im even getting over the fandom, but still. You are the BIGGEST bitch on dA that ive seen so far. You even run a blog dedicated to hurting others. //spits on// I just want you to know,
You lost a watcher. And I only watched you because I was sympathetic. I dont watch bullies.

fuck i was stupid back then dont judge the words ok 

and look at their art tho:

like whaAt


stinky hat

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